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CPSIA Compliance


Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA)
Effective February 10, 2009, provisions of CPSIA place strict limits on lead and phthalate content in childrens' toys and "child care articles." Baby bibs are specifically designated as "child care articles."

The fabric from which we make our baby bibs, bubble pads, and changing pads is white cotton terry fused to vinyl. Phthalates are chemical compounds that make plastics, such as vinyl, soft and pliable. CPSIA bans six specific phthalates in children's toys and child care articles in concentrations about .1% (1000 parts per million).

We had our white cotton terry/vinly fabric tested by an independent laboratory, and our fabric contains none of the six banned phthalates in concentrations above .1% (1000 parts per million).

Our baby products contain no lead, period. All of our screen printing inks are certified lead-free (and phthalate free) by their manufacturers. The binding used on our products has also been certified as lead-free by its manufacturer.


The lab results and manufacturers' certifications are posted here for your inspection. We want you to know that you can buy our products with confidence, that they meet all safety standards, and that they contain no lead or banned phthalates. You can give Birth Rite™ products to your new Moms confident that there is nothing in them or on them that will harm their babies.


To view Lab Results for LEAD TESTING, click on desired product below:
Baby bib with ties Baby Blanket
Juice Bib with ties Baby Cap
Small Bib with snaps Baby Pink T-Shirt
Small Bib with Velcro Baby Blue T-Shirt
  Baby White T-Shirt
Toddler Bib with snaps  
Toddler Bib with Velcro Baby One-Piece
Changing pad  
Bubble Pad  
To view Lab results for PHTHALATE TESTING on our vinyl laminated products, click here.

Birth Rite uses two vendors for screen printing inks. Their Certificates of Compliance are below:

QCM Company

One Stroke Inks


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